Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Ups Services in Ogden

Utah winters are nothing to sneeze at, which is why when summer comes to a close, you should be confident that your furnace will be able to keep you warm all winter long. At My Buddy the Plumber, we know how important it is to have peace of mind about your furnace — especially if you have kids or run a business. Keeping your family or your employees warm and cozy each winter without fear of your furnace failing mid-cold snap requires annual maintenance. My Buddy the Plumber is your air conditioning company in Ogden, Utah that you can go to for stress-free, high-quality furnace service.

Not only does annual furnace maintenance prevent you from getting stuck without heat on a cold, winter night, but it also helps extend the life of your furnace. When we service your furnace, we can catch minor issues before they can cause real damage — damage that would likely be expensive to repair. Also, most furnace warranties are only valid with annual professional service.

Furnace Maintenance/Tune-Ups/Service

When you hire our expert technicians for a furnace tune-up, you can expect us to test your furnace’s airflow for any blockages. Long-term airflow restriction can cause your furnace to require repairs more often and break down sooner. To extend the life of your furnace, if we find anything blocking proper airflow in your heating system, we will locate and remove the blockage. Not only will this help you save money on repairs, but it will also keep your energy bill down, as proper airflow in your heating system means more efficient heating.

Our furnace tune-ups will also keep you and your family or business safe from hazards. Many furnaces use fuel to generate the heat that keeps you nice and toasty throughout the cold season. However, this poses a risk — even a seemingly minor issue with your furnace could cause carbon monoxide or other gas to leak into the air. When we come to service your furnace, we’ll keep an eye out for issues like this one and fix them as needed.

Furnace service from My Buddy the Plumber also involves an inspection of the air intake areas, air filter, blower fan, and motor. If any of these parts of your furnace have debris built up, we will clean them out, which will increase the efficiency of your furnace and help you avoid costly repairs. We’ll also test your furnace’s safety controls and electrical connection, tightening or replacing any wires as needed.

Businesses and homeowners trust My Buddy the Plumber for furnace maintenance in Ogden, Utah because of our friendly, efficient, and effective service. Choose us for your annual furnace maintenance this fall and you won’t be disappointed.