Ogden Fall Plumbing Preparation: Hoses, Hose Bibb, Sump Pump

While it’s still hot outside for now, those familiar with the climate in Ogden and throughout Utah know it can change very quickly. Fall will be upon us before you know it, and for homeowners, this means you should be taking a few basic steps in certain home areas to prepare your space for the changing seasons.

Plumbing is one of the key elements to be considering here, and at My Buddy the Plumber, we’re here to help. We offer numerous plumbing services to all our clients in Ogden and nearby areas, from basic drain cleaning or upkeep to major jobs like water heater replacement or a furnace upgrade as you head into winter. What are some of the top plumbing areas or fixtures you should be thinking about as we transition from summer into the cooler part of the year? This two-part blog series will go over several.

fall plumbing preparation hoses

Remove, Drain and Store Outdoor Hoses

One of the first important steps for any home that has these items present is to remove, drain and store your garden hoses before the weather gets too cold. In the colder temperatures that are coming, your hose can freeze or burst.

The last thing anyone wants is to come home and find a frozen hose that’s burst under the pressure, or one that’s simply taking up space while it slowly freezes over time. Either way, your garden hoses will need to be removed and stored in a safe area to keep them safe through the colder months. Be sure to drain the hose of any standing water before storing it.

Turn Off Outdoor Hose Bibb

Another important pre-winter checklist item for any homeowner is turning off their outdoor hose bibb. You don’t want that water to continue running and freezing in the pipes, so be sure you turn off the outside faucet or hose bibb. It doesn’t need to be fully closed; just simply turned off so it doesn’t open automatically with outside temperatures getting colder.

Before turning it off, check for any leaks – especially if you’ve had a problem with frozen pipes in the past. Plumbing leaks can often occur without you even realizing it, so if you find any, take care of those issues as soon as possible to prevent water damage and other more serious problems.

Inspect the Sump Pump

Also inspect your sump pump and make sure it’s functioning properly. Look for standing water or other problems in the pit. You may need to add more gravel. If there are any issues present, you’ll want to call My Buddy the Plumber right away to get them taken care of before the snow starts flying and risks water buildup concerns.

For more on how to prepare your home’s plumbing for the fall and eventual winter, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at My Buddy the Plumber in Ogden today.